Andrea Polichetti: Smug guy and a lady, pump it up, all around. 

November 02, 2016 - November 30, 2016


Andrea Polichetti
Smug guy and a lady, pump it up, all around.
Transformer’s 6th Annual Storefront Exhibition
November 2 - 30, 2016

Transformer is pleased to present Smug guy and a lady, pump it up, all around., a site-specific storefront installation by Italian artist, Andrea Polichetti. This exhibition, presented in conjunction with Transformer's 13th Annual Silent Auction & Benefit Party, is part of a year-long artistic exchange Transformer has accomplished, presenting DC-based artists in Rome, Italy, and now highlighting Italian artists in Washington, DC.

Expanding upon his ‘pebble works’ and carbon drawings series, Polichetti will produce a new installation that uses diptychs to explore the idea of opposites – victory/defeat, glory/shame, & male/female. Responding to the current state of international politics, countries with man-made borders inspire Polichetti’s shaped canvases, while his custom neon pieces represent acanthus and fico leaves - historic Italian symbols representing victory & shame.

Smug guy and a lady, pump it up, all around. is the 6th site-specific storefront installation exhibition Transformer has presented. This annual ‘micro’ exhibition provides a unique opportunity for both artist and audience to engage each other and contemporary art through a storefront, window experience.

Andrea Polichetti (b. 1989) lives and works in Rome, Italy. An independent artist and arts organizer, Polichetti’s work uses several mediums including painting, drawing, installation and sculpture to explore ideas based on layered language, international politics and emotional connections to reality. Playing with the concept of irony in his work, Polichetti aims to make the observer reflective about life, family, and society. Though his work has been exhibited widely across Italy, at galleries such as Operativa and Frutta - this exhibition with Transformer is Polichetti’s first within the United States. 

EXHIBITION HOURS: This storefront installation will be on view November 2 – November 30, 2016

Image Credit: Andrea Polichetti, Sad Dad, No Shopping, No Toys