Present Tense: DC punk and DIY, Right Now



Farrah Skeiky
Present Tense: DC punk and DIY, Right Now

17th Annual DC Artist Solo Exhibition

January 18 – February 29, 2020

Continuing our commitment to highlighting the work of exceptional DC-based emerging artists, Transformer launches 2020 with our 17th Annual DC Artist Solo Exhibition, presenting the black & white photography of Farrah Skeiky in her first solo exhibition. Present Tense: DC punk and DIY, Right Now reinforces and celebrates the ongoing tradition of punk, hardcore and DIY music in DC, demonstrated in its most intimate moments. These photographs, made over six years in spaces old and new, champion the subjects as the present and future of this movement, fighting the notion that this section of DC counterculture exists solely in the past. Farrah Skeiky’s powerful photographic work documents and celebrates what is happening in DC’s vibrant punk and DIY community present. This is an argument against nostalgia, against complacency. It is a celebration of one of the most revered traditions of modern music, in the context of today. Inspired by a love for small spaces that remove the barrier between performer and crowd, with this exhibition Skeiky presents a celebration of chaos and tension both on the walls and among viewers in close quarters. Present Tense programming will include artist talks, panels, and live performances within the exhibition.


Image credit: Sem Hastro, 2016, Third Edition