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Mar 14, 2012

The Washington Post Reviews “2:46 and thereafter”

5 futoyu


"...Of course, some of the art in the show is somber. But there’s a wide range of styles and outlooks among the 18 artists’ work, which includes both modern and traditional Japanese elements — and whimsy as well as sorrow." - Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post

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Jan 25, 2012

Artist Talk and Transformer on NBC 1st Look

Please join Transformer Saturday January 14th as we host an Artist Talk with Lily deSaussure.

Led by Transformer's Exhibition Coordinator, Natalie Cheung, the discussion with Lily will explore her use of embroidery to document both her life and the lives of those close to her. 

Soon after, Transformer will be featured as a “hidden gem” on LXTV’s 1st Look  airing nationally on NBC Saturday at 7:30pm and again after Saturday Night Live @ 1am.


Jan 25, 2012

Transformer + DANDANS, a Tokyo Based Artsist Collective

2:46 and thereafter
February 16 - March 25, 2012
Presented at Pepco's Edison Place Gallery
702 Eighth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20068

Developed in collaboration with Tokyo based artist collective DANDANS, Transformer is honored to present 2:46 and thereafter - an exhibition highlighting 18 emerging Japanese artists' responses to the March 2011 earthquake & tsunamis that struck the northeast coast of Japan, and the resulting aftermath.  The title of the exhibition, 2:46 and thereafter, marks the time the earthquake hit, referenced throughout Japan in the same vein Americans now reference the date 9/11.

Special Exhibition Hours this week:  Tues - Fri 12-4pm; Thurs 12-7pm; Sat 12-8pm; Sun 12-4pm


ON Gallery & Vending Machine Branch Performance by NY based artist
ON megumi Akiyoshi

Saturday, March 24, 2012 6-8pm

The organic white cube, exhibiting a floral painting outside the frame with a white wall inside, is actually artist ON megumi Akiyoshi performing “ON Gallery & Vending Machine Branch” inside the closing reception of 2:46 and thereafter.

Featuring a gumball machine that sells tiny original paintings for a friendly price, ON’s pink gumball capsules include images such as ‘Five petals flower’, ‘peony’, and the 'shape of eight'.

The five petals flower, with its simplicity, symbolizes perpetuity from its technical name, "rotate corolla" like an eternally spinning wheel. The peony is the artist's favored bloom with its confident expansiveness and myriad promise of figure, as if it could embrace anything in its presence. The shape of eight, reminds her of a female torso, and also represents the idea of infinity.

This performance is a projection of ON’s wish to go on, lively, after 2:46 and thereafter. “We are all given a certain amount of time in one lifetime, during which, I wish full blossoming for all beings.” – ON megumi Akiyoshi

Further information about ON megumi Akiyoshi and her work can be found on her Image credit: ON megumi Akiyoshi. 

This comprehensive exhibition, the first of its kind in the US and one of Transformer's most ambitious exhibitions to date, will feature works in a variety of mediums exploring emerging Japanese artists' creative responses to the terrible catastrophe that killed thousands of people, and how life has changed in Japan as a result.

Through installation, painting, video, sculpture, photography, and drawing, the 18 artists featured in 2:46 and thereafter - Takeshi Abe, Chiho Akama, Yasushi Ebihara, Yuya Fujita, Masaharu Futoyu, Kotaro Isobe, Mami Kosemura, Shinji Maeda, Kazumasa Noguchi, Mitsuki Noguchi, Tetsuya Noguchi, Mihoko Ogaki, Akiko Ozasa, Masaharu Sato, Shinichi Tsuchiya, Takayoshi Tsuchiya, Ryota Unno and Keiki Yamada - address issues that many of the people of Japan, primarily the young people, are exploring as they adjust to life following destruction, loss, and still to be determined affects from Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began.

Additional details can be found here.

Jan 19, 2012

James Alefantis - One of DC’s 50 Most Powerful People

James Alefantis, Transformer Board President as well as owner of Comet Pizza & Ping Pong and Buck's Fishing & Camping, has made GQ's list of the 50 most powerful people in Washington DC. Click here to find out why.

Dec 06, 2011

8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction a HUGE Success!

Thank you to all of the participating Artists for including their work, our Host Committee and Chairs, all of our Sponsors, The Australian Embassy, and the Corcoran for making this our most successful fundraising event yet!

View the 2011 Auction Page

Nov 30, 2011

Special Screening of Untitled In honor of World AIDS Day / Day With(out) Art

Still from Untitled, by Jim Hodges, Encke King, and Carlos Marques de Cruz, 2011, DVD, 60 minutes, Color Stereo

A year after Transformer’s December 1, 2010 48-hour storefront screening of an edited version of David Wojnarowicz’s A Fire in My Belly, screened in a direct response to the Smithsonian Institutions’ censorship of a similar work in the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibition, Transformer is proud to honor World Aids Day and Day With(out) Art 2011 with the presentation of Untitled, in collaboration with NY based Visual AIDS.

Transformer joins more than 63 arts organizations, community groups, major museums, and colleges across the US in presenting simultaneous, free screenings of Untitled, a new video work by Jim Hodges, Carlos Marques de Cruz, and Encke King, featuring a non-linear montage of archival and pop footage recalling the passionate activism sparked by the early years of the AIDS crisis. Un-spooling at multiple levels, the narrative flies between scenes of tragic brutality to kitschy humor, arch clips of laughter and ironic surprises while shredding traditional chronology. Many references - the title, short excerpts from Golden Girls and Dynasty, popular songs, and contemporary issues – nod towards Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ oeuvre, but the film is not an attempt to portray the artist; rather, it places the viewer “in his room”. In this way, the framing of the artist becomes a means to project any number of people, endlessly.

Click here for a complete list of Untitled screenings, venues, and related programs.

As part of our screening of Untitled, Transformer will be giving away a limited number of NOT OVER buttons with red ribbons that were created by A.K. Burns, John Chaich, Joe De Hoyos, and Avram Finkelstein for the 20th Anniversary of Visual AIDS’ Red Ribbon project.  Untitled and the NOT OVER buttons are provided courtesy of Visual AIDS:

Seating at Transformer is limited.  To reserve your seat to the December 1, 5:30 screening of Untitled, please click here.  Attendance is free.

Closing out our Storefront Video exhibition, a subtitled version of Untitled will also screen on a continuous loop Dec 1 – Dec 4 in our storefront window space.

Nov 11, 2011

Transformer one-year after “Hide/Seek”

DC based journalist Kriston Capps writes about the one-year anniversary of Transformer's response to the Smithsonian's censorship of David Wojnarowicz's video work A Fire in My Belly, Lisa Marie Thalhammer's Wojnarowicz Mask in the upcoming 8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit Party on November 18, and our current Storefront Video exhibition.  Read the full article in the City Paper detailing the connection of these Transformer actions & programs:

DC CityPaper ArtsDesk: One Year After “Hide/Seek”

Oct 27, 2011

Silent Auction Host Committee Reception & Artwork Preview October 20, 2011

Chris Botnick, Julie Weber, Joe Ireland, Kyle O’Donnell, Edith Gregson

The 8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit Party is made possible through the generous support of our Host Committee & Sponsors.  A complete list is featured on our website and the event invite.  A special Thank You Reception in their honor took place at the Australian Embassy on October 20th, hosted by this year’s Auction Diplomatic Chairs, The Honorable Kim Beazley and Ms. Susie Annus.

The Honorable Kim Beazley, Ambassador of Australia, Diplomatic Chair of Transformer 8th Annual Silent Auction & Benefit Party, addresses guest at pre-Auction Host Committee thank you reception

“Transformer is a daring and exciting organization highlighting artists’ ideas and experimentation.  Working close to the creative coalface, this nimble organization has a mission to strengthen community by supporting emerging artists in their development.

Tonight we commence the build up to the 8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit Party on November 18.  I am honored to be the Diplomatic Chair of this dynamic occasion in Washington’s cultural calendar.  The Auction is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to affirm our support for the next generation of artists that will help us collectively make sense of the world and illuminate our future.”

-The Honorable Kim Beazley, Australian Ambassador to the United States of America
Excerpt from the Ambassador’s speech presented to Auction Host Committee & Sponsors at the Australian Embassy on October 20, 2011.

Oct 26, 2011

Storefront Video Exhibition

October 29 - December 3, 2011

Wilson Butterworth, code #3, 2011, digital ink jet , 20x20

Nearly a year after Transformer’s December 1, 2010 storefront screening of an edited version of David Wojnarowicz’s A Fire in My Belly , screened in a direct response to the Smithsonian Institutions’ censorship of a similar work from the National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek exhibition, Transformer revisits the use of our storefront space as a way to interact with audiences through the sidewalk presentation & viewing of video.

Working in collaboration with a diverse range of artists and organizations in the development of this program, Transformer launches Storefront Video this Saturday, October 29, 2011 with works from the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum’s ARTLAB+ program, a design studio for teens (  ARTLAB+ guest filmmaker Akosua Adoma Owusu, curator of the ARTLAB+ Film Forum program, has guest curated a special selection of Film Forum videos especially for Transformer’s Storefront Video exhibition.

This first selection of Storefront Video works to be screened beginning at noon on Saturday, October 29 through 11:59am on Monday, October 31, include: Camel Tooth Curtain, 2005 by CamLAB (a Jemima Wyman and Anna Mayer Collaboration) and Inside Out, 2010 by Candice Lin. Additional works from the ARTLAB+ Film Forum program, as well as works by teen participants of ARTLAB+ will screen each weekend throughout the run of Storefront Video.

Storefront Video Exhibition Hours:  Works will be on view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning Saturday, October 29 at noon.  New works will screen Mon – Saturday at noon.  A full schedule will be released weekly on Transformer’s new website & our facebook page.

View the Storefront Video exhibition page

View the Storefront Video exhibition schedule

Oct 20, 2011

Renowned DC based art collectors Heather & Tony Podestas support Transformer’s Auction

The Podestas seek artwork anywhere and everywhere, including the upcoming Transformer auction, scheduled for Nov. 18. Transformer is a D.C.-based non-profit organization that connects and promotes emerging artists locally, nationally and internationally.

If one is looking to get into art collecting, Tony recommended attending Transformer. “There’s a lot of very good younger artists out there and their work is inexpensive,” he said. “For the price of a night on the town you can get a great piece of art instead.”

To read the full article about the Podestas, click here:

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