Sep 25, 2011

(e)merge art fair great success for Transformer!

Transformer would like to thank everyone who helped make our presence at the inaugural (e)merge art fair a great success. Transformer was proud to present a site-specific installation of new works by DC-based artists Erin Boland, Jessica Cebra and Emilia Olsen in Room 219 at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.

Image Credits: Emilia Olsen, installation with drawings, 2011; Jessica Cebra,rocks and shapes, 2011

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Each of these artists brings a unique approach to their medium. Boland's drawings and sculptures investigate the dissonance that allows us to explore our anatomies without the physical experience of looking at a dissected human body. Similarly, Cebra's photographic collages disassemble and reassemble glamour shots of women from high-end fashion magazines exploring the aesthetics of decadence and opulence. Olsen's mixed media works on paper revolve around the emotions that girls and women face as they grow out of adolescence and experience flaws, pain, love, sexuality and disappointment.

In addition to the presentation of new works by these three artists, Transformer presented works from our FlatFile program.