Oct 27, 2011

Silent Auction Host Committee Reception & Artwork Preview October 20, 2011

Chris Botnick, Julie Weber, Joe Ireland, Kyle O’Donnell, Edith Gregson

The 8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit Party is made possible through the generous support of our Host Committee & Sponsors.  A complete list is featured on our website and the event invite.  A special Thank You Reception in their honor took place at the Australian Embassy on October 20th, hosted by this year’s Auction Diplomatic Chairs, The Honorable Kim Beazley and Ms. Susie Annus.

The Honorable Kim Beazley, Ambassador of Australia, Diplomatic Chair of Transformer 8th Annual Silent Auction & Benefit Party, addresses guest at pre-Auction Host Committee thank you reception

“Transformer is a daring and exciting organization highlighting artists’ ideas and experimentation.  Working close to the creative coalface, this nimble organization has a mission to strengthen community by supporting emerging artists in their development.

Tonight we commence the build up to the 8th Annual Transformer Silent Auction & Benefit Party on November 18.  I am honored to be the Diplomatic Chair of this dynamic occasion in Washington’s cultural calendar.  The Auction is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to affirm our support for the next generation of artists that will help us collectively make sense of the world and illuminate our future.”

-The Honorable Kim Beazley, Australian Ambassador to the United States of America
Excerpt from the Ambassador’s speech presented to Auction Host Committee & Sponsors at the Australian Embassy on October 20, 2011.