Sep 29, 2012

Transformer Participates in (e)merge art fair

Transformer features artists Mariah Anne Johnson, Andrew Kozlowski and Heather Ravenscroft + selected works from our FlatFile program in Rooms 201 & 202 at the 2nd Annual (e)merge art fair!

Transformer is excited to present DC based artists Mariah Anne Johnson and Heather Ravenscroft, and Alabama based artist Andrew Kozlowski, in the 2012 (e)merge art fair. Each of these artists brings a unique approach to the idea of mapping with the new works they have created specifically for Transformer’s participation in (e)merge. Johnson’s dense stacks of perfectly folded bed sheets and pillow cases convey the idea of sedimentary mappings, while Kozlowski and Ravenscroft’s drawing and prints are reminiscent of deconstructed road and treasure maps. Kozlowski works directly with roadway imagery in screen-printing while Ravenscroft eludes to animal burrows and tracks in her ink and colored pencil drawings.