1x1 by Office of Experiments at Transformer


With this project, Office of Experiments are creating a distributed artwork in which 1000 vials of symbolic tears, collected water from Japan, will be used to water some of the 3000 Cherry Trees donated to Washington, DC by Tokyo 100 years ago. A temporary lab at Transformer on P Street will display the 1000 vials, which will then be distributed by volunteers. Mapped and documented online, the distribution of these vials address both the intimacy and scale of this disaster that transgresses the territories of society and culture. Further information and limited edition prints will also be available at Transformer.


1x1 by Office of Experiments
Now until April 3rd
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Transformer Gallery
1404 P Street, NW, Washington DC  

A relational art piece and emotional catalyst connecting visitors with tsunami victims. Office of Experiments' temporary lab space at Transformer acts as a center of activity: offering prints to visitors in exchange for a donation to tsunami charities and displaying 1000 vials - symbolic tears collected from Japan. Volunteers will pour drops from vials, numbered and trackable online, as offerings of remembrance onto cherry blossom trees across the city. Further performative interventions at federal and global media sites throughout DC will be announced at www.the1x1project.com

Curator: Steve Rowell