Artist Online Caravanserai



Transformer’s Artist On-Line Caravanserai initiative expanded upon Which Yesterday is Tomorrow? concepts of gathering people for exchange of ideas. Transformer invited 11 artists to take over our Instagram story from March 22 - May 30, 2020 to visually share their insight, ideas and inspiration toward building connectivity. 

Many thanks to Artist On-Line Caravanserai participating artists: Dahlia Elsayed & Andrew Demirjian, Andrea Polichetti, Alexis Gomez, Sheida Soleimani, Michelle Luong, Aristeidis Lappas, DJ Nikilad, Samera Paz, Helene Garcia, and Maps Glover.

Documentation from their Instagram story take-overs can be viewed here
Artist bios are shared below: 

March 22 - March 28:
Dahlia Elsayed is an artist and writer who makes text and image-based work that synthesizes an internal and external experience of place, connecting the ephemeral to the concrete. Andrew Demirjian is an interdisciplinary artist who works with remix, rhythm and ritual. He creates environments for critical reflection through scraping and recombining popular culture, making intricate collages of sound and language.

March 29 - April 4:
Andrea Polichetti is an independent artist and arts organizer who lives and works in Rome, Italy. Polichetti utilizes the concept of irony to explore concepts such as layered language, international politics, and the connection between emotions and reality. 

April 5 - April 11:
Alexis Gomez investigates the internal and external spaces we inhabit as human beings. Alternating between 3D modeling software and the illusionistic patterns within his figural sculptures, his work fluxes between the tangible and artificial. He creates settings that bridge the physical and virtual realms, to represent both literal and metaphorical space.

April 12 - April 18:
Sheida Soleimani is an Iranian-American artist who draws from her personal experience as the daughter of political refugees persecuted by the Iranian government to examine and critique the influence of mass media and the dissemination of news. Soleimani is interested in the intersections of art and activism, as well as how social media has shaped the landscape in current socio-political affairs and uprisings.

April 19 - April 25:
Michelle Luong is a painter, poet, and sound artist based in New York. Her work explores a return to a wet, humid motherland, liminal spaces of Chinese-Vietnamese diaspora, and fantasy of intimate island utopias found in moments of crisis. She studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

April 26 - May 2:
Aristeidis Lappas is an artist who lives and work in Athens, Greece. He received his BA in Illustration at the University of West England, Bristol, UK, and has exhibited extensively in Greece, as well as in Washington DC (Transformer; Corcoran School of Art) and the UK (London; Bristol). 

May 3 - May 9:
DJ Nikilad is a Baltimore-based DJ and curator focused on melding diasporic sounds and niche club genres to craft intentionally dissonant mixes that defy the constraints of genre, language, and comfort. Nikilad curates for Sentient Planet, an event and mix series that highlights diasporic artists and the global music they feel connected to, and is an organizer at Bollymore, a Baltimore-based arts and music collective inspired by the sounds and stories of the South Asian subcontinent and diaspora.

May 10 - May 16:
Samera Paz is a Colombian American artist born and raised in Washington, DC, who explores themes of mental health, social and racial justice, politics and womanhood. She is a community organizer, activist and the founder of the women's empowerment movement, Girl Power Meetups. 

May 17 - May 23:
Hélène Garcia is an artist born in 1987. She studied at Les Beaux-arts de Paris and Saint Martins Central School of London. She’s a sculptor and a performer. Her work has been shown at Transformer in 2015 -Washington DC, and various countries such as Canada, China, Italia, England, Germany, Tunisia and France. 

May 24 - May 30:
Maps Glover is a multidisciplinary artist based in Washington, DC, who creates work inspired by human behavior. He often incorporates distorted figures and pops of color in his constructed portals that observe how the influence of time, perspective, and pervasive external issues contribute to human behavior.