Dialogue 02: Dia de los Muertos


Dialogue is a seasonal art action created by Ingrid Hagerstrom, artist-in-residence at Transformer. Combining conceptual and sculptural art elements, Dialogue reflects Hagerstrom's artistic processes as both artist and chef. Hagerstrom places everyday objects such as a table and chairs (that are either made or chosen) into the gallery setting. Placed with specific intent, these objects take on heightened meaning. Dialogue attempts to strip down preconceived notions of art, creating both the context and forum for the art idea to reveal itself.

Developed in collaboration with installation artist Beatrice Valdes Paz, Dialogue 02: Dia de los Muertos highlights traditions of coming together for reflection and celebration of the cycles of life.

Dia de los Muertos is an event to remember ancestors whose spirits visit the earth once a year. Considered a passage from one type of living to another, this concept of the cycle or circle of life is a strong tradition with many native and indigenous peoples worldwide. Fused with Catholicism's All Souls Day on Nov. 2 and All Saints Day on Nov. 1 to become Day (or Days) of the Dead, the dead are honored by transforming entire rooms into altars with offerings such as photographs, toys, incense, flowers, favorite music and favorite foods of those who have passed. Creating site specific altar installations throughout the gallery space, including public offering altars in Transformer’s front window and back alcove that guests are encouraged to add items to, and a central food altar with hot chocolate, specialty pastries and treats, Hagerstrom and Valdes Paz explore Day of the Dead traditions honoring those who have died while commenting on recent social and cultural losses.