Fluxus Sea



Siren Arts: Fluxus Sea

July 16 - August 20, 2020


Fluxus Sea marks the 4th year of Transformer’s innovative summer residency & performance art series. 

Supporting an evolving & diverse roster of dynamic emerging visual artists based within the northeast corridor of Washington, DC to NYC through micro-residencies and public performances on the beach in Asbury Park, NJ for the past three years, Siren Arts was reimagined summer 2020 due to COVID-19. This year, the artist residency component was conducted as a series of zoom calls among the participating artists, with live performances and pre-recorded artist-led interviews presented online July 16 – August 20.

Transformer is honored to support and present the following artists in Siren Arts Fluxus SeaCarolina Mayorga (DC), Samera Paz (DC), Armando Lopez-Bircann (DC), Hannah Spector (TX/DC), Muse Dodd (ATL, DC+NYC), and Yacine Fall (DC).

Created & curated by Victoria Reis, Executive & Artistic Director of Transformer – an 18 year old non-profit visual arts organization based in Washington, DC – Siren Arts is an expansion of Transformer’s mission to connect and promote emerging visual artists, to advance them in their artistic careers, and to build & engage audiences in new and best contemporary arts contexts and practices.

Siren Arts seeks to empower the participating artists and engage audiences in both reflection and positive action around the intersection of personal, civic, social and environmental activism, while introducing and advancing emerging contemporary art practices. Pursuing different themes each year, with Siren Arts: Fluxus Sea, the participating artists have been invited to respond to Fluxus art practices, concepts of ‘flux’, and the sea as it may relate to the ocean and/or movement.

Siren Arts: Fluxus Sea Events:

Approximately 30-minute performances will take place live via Zoom every Thursday at 7pm July 16 - August 20, with 10 minute artist conversations presented on Transformer’s IGTV on the Tuesdays between performances: July 21, August 4, and August 18. 

Thursday, July 16: Carolina Mayorga
Thursday, July 23: Samera Paz
Thursday, July 30: Armando Lopez-Bircann
Thursday, August 6: Hannah Spector 
Thursday, August 13: Muse Dodd 
Thursday, August 20: Yacine Fall

Tuesday, July 21: Carolina Mayorga and Samera Paz on IGTV

Tuesday, August 4: Armando Lopez-Bircann and Hannah Spector on IGTV

Tuesday, August 18: Muse Dodd and Yacine Fall on IGTV


Thank you to Muse Dodd for technical production support of the Siren Arts: Fluxus Sea series.