Transformer Presents: Rachel Schmidt’s Vanishing Points, Curated by Dawne Langford at SPRING/BREAK


Vanishing Points by artist Rachel Schmidt
Curated by Dawne Langford
SPRING/BREAK Art Show NYC 2020, In Excess
March 4-9, 2020 11am-8pm
Room 1136
625 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022

Vanishing Points is a multimedia installation incorporating projected video and sculpture created with a mass of single-use consumer items which responds to this year's SPRING/BREAK curatorial theme, In Excess. The work embraces a baroque style established 450 years ago - noted also as the duration that it takes for plastic consumables to biodegrade. This aesthetic equates opulence with exalted divinity and culturally significant as a symbol of wealth and power, or the desire for it. This value system has permeated our daily lives as conspicuous consumption accelerates the certainty of our destruction. The installation further includes a soundscape composed by the musician and artist (Kevin O'Meara), creating a fully immersive experience.

Rachel Schmidt is interested in futuristic visions of a world without a natural ecosystem, where synthetic biology governs how people relate and coexist. Her work explores how a vanishing ecosystem will manifest itself in the awareness and scarcity of material use. She uses time-based media and installation to explore urbanization and its impact on ecosystems, future landscapes, and the role that myth plays in our understanding of the environment. Rachel received her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She has exhibited throughout the US and internationally, and has been reviewed in Sculpture Magazine, Washington Post, and numerous other print and online publications. She is an installation artist based in Washington, DC.