The Exercises For Emerging Artists - Launched in March 2004, this peer critique and mentorship program is an intensive series of meetings at Transformer for selected participating artists to meet, discuss a new body of work, and have that body of work presented at Transformer.

Launched in March 2004, Transformer’s annual Exercises For Emerging Artists is a peer critique & mentorship program created to support DC based emerging artists at critical points or crossroads in their professional growth and creative development.  Intended to advance artists' careers, the Exercises consists of comprehensive bi-weekly gatherings spanning four months (March - June), designed to stimulate and encourage the participating artists as they create new work. In addition to peer critique sessions, the participating artists receive mentorship and feedback on from Transformer staff, a guest lead mentor,  and a series of visiting mentors comprised of more established artists, curators, gallerists, and critics.

Over the course of the Exercises, the participating artists create and discuss a new work or new body of work, gaining insightful feedback on the artistic process through peer mentorship and critique. The Exercises culminates in a group exhibition or series of 7 day solo exhibitions each summer. Past exhibitions include:

E1: Contemplating Process
E2: Carving a Path
E3: Painters
E4: Station to Station
E5: Rangefinder
E6: In Situ
E7: Tetrad
E8: Sculpture
E9: Design - Mass Fad Discharge
E10: Conceptual Art
E11: Coda

E12: Social Practice
E13: Discourse 
E14: Grrrl Power
E15: Fiber Arts
E16: The Revolution Will Be Televised
E17: Zines