E4: Station to Station

July 11, 2007 - August 04, 2007


Featuring a series of week-long, individual exhibitions by Rebecca C. Adams, Carolina Mayorga, Rob Parrish and Fereshteh Toosi, E4: Station to Station presents new works in video, sound, mixed media performance and conceptual installation these artists developed over a several month process of peer critique and mentorship organized by Transformer and guest curator Niels Van Tomme.

Launched in March 2004, The Exercises for Emerging Artists was created to support artists at critical points or crossroads in their professional growth and development. Consisting of a series of gatherings at Transformer, the program is designed to stimulate and encourage participating artists as they create new work. In addition to several peer critique sessions, the artists receive mentorship and feedback from area gallerists, more established artists, professors, and curators. This year's mentors included UMBC's Associate Professor of Visual Arts Steve Bradley, composer and visual artist Alberto Gaitán, Transformer's Executive Director Victoria Reis, The Corcoran's Curator of Photography and Media Arts Paul Roth, Provisions Library Executive Director Don Russell, and E4: Station to Station guest curator Niels Van Tomme.

Seeking to build this year's Exercises to include discipline specific leadership that would further benefit the participating artists' overall experience, Transformer's Executive Director approached Niels Van Tomme to guest curate the E4 program. Niels Van Tomme, an independent curator, art critic and the co-director of ICP/A (International Curators Program Antwerp) states: "I wanted to involve artists who could further transform the gallery into an experiential space; into temporary stations of media art. Each of the artists bring a very specific approach to Transformer in establishing a relationship between their work, the gallery space and the audience."

Beginning in March through June 2007, the artists participated in facilitated bi-weekly meetings discussing the challenges they face as artists, the inspiration that helps propel them forward, as well as their artistic intentions and goals. E4: Station to Station opens up the program, presenting the results of these artists' Exercises experience to the public for interaction and feedback.

July 11 - 14 Carolina Mayorga: New Trends in South American Cuisine
Don't miss the launch of the revolutionary South American style recipe that will change the way you've thought of cooking. Cook it, taste it, buy it, all at Transformer.
Opening Event: July 12, 6:30 - 8 PM

July 18- 21 Rob Parrish: Jack
Mixing elements from the television series "24", the Department of Homeland Security's Homeland Security Advisory System, and archival footage, this installation explores the sensation of being an object of manipulation.
Opening Event: July 19, 6:30 - 8 PM

July 25 - 28 Rebecca C. Adams: Compulsory Figures and â^z
Using sound and large street drawings to interpret an archaic division of figure skating, this indoor and outdoor installation captures the sonic environment of practicing compulsory figures on ice, while visually striving to reproduce similar exercises on pavement.
Opening Event: July 26, 6:30 - 8 PM

August 1 - 4 Fereshteh Toosi: You're not as green as you are cabbage-looking.
The accounting firm of H&R CABBAGE will calculate your personal carbon emissions with a free report to take home. Bring in a reusable water bottle or coffee mug and enjoy a freshly carbonated Italian soda while you wait.