December 15, 2007 - January 19, 2008


Launched in spring 2007, Transformer's Flat File consists of unframed works in a variety of two-dimensional mediums including photography, painting, drawing, and printmaking, all approximately 16" x 20" in size and smaller. Featuring works by regionally, nationally and internationally based emerging artists, the program is open to artists that have exhibited with Transformer in the past and those who are new to Transformer.

wall/paper featured selections from the current Flat File, as well as new work by April Behnke, Miles Bumbray, Jennifer DePalma, Benjamin Jurgensen, Andy Kozlowski, and Lauren Vincelli. All works in wall/paper and in the Flat Files are available for purchase.

In addition to the artists listed above, Transformer's Flat File includes works by:

  • Cynthia Connolly
  • Pat Graham
  • Stephen Gibson
  • Ryan Hill
  • Marissa Long
  • Nathan Manuel
  • Maki Maruyama
  • Piero Passacantando
  • Melanie Standage
  • Jay Stuckey
  • Champ Taylor
  • Lisa Marie Thalhammer
  • Christine Buckton Tillman
  • Rachel Waldron

Works by April Behnke and Benjamin Jurgensen are included via courtesy of Meat Market Gallery.