Collector’s View 2020


collector's view 2020 reimagined 
june 22 - july 22, 2020

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Transformer's 13th annual Collector’s View series shares the private collections of a select and diverse group of DC’s prominent contemporary art collectors. 

For the past 12 years, Transformer has presented Collector’s View as a spring series of private receptions in the homes of a select and diverse group of DC’s prominent contemporary art collectors. In April/May 2020, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Transformer reimagined this year’s Collector’s View series as short, self-filmed videos (approx. 5 minute each), provided by an eclectic mix of invited collector Hosts. Each of the 27 video Views in the series is as unique as our collector Hosts -  providing intimate, insider perspectives on the motivations, interests, and passions behind a favorite artwork in their home that inspires them. 

Initially presented via subscription series June 22 – July 22, 2020, with a new video released each weekday, Transformer is thrilled to now share the full Collector’s View 2020 ReImagined Video Showcase


Videos are presented in alphabetical order of Hosts' names.
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Brian Baker, Bad Religion
Brian Burson & Ken Patterson, Wentworth Gallery & U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Gary Cohen, Carlton Fields 
Steven M. Cummings, Photographer and Documentarian
Molly Donovan, National Gallery of Art
Juanita & Mel Hardy, Art Collectors and Co-Founders of Millennium Arts Salon
Nathan Hardy & James Turner, Art Collectors
Ilyse Hogue & John Neffinger, President NARAL Pro-Choice America & Co-Founder, KNP Communications 
Andy Johnson, Gallery 102 & Art on the Vine
Svetlana Legetic, Brightest Young Things
Brian Liu, ToolboxDC
Joe Martin & Will Narracci, Teacher & Doctor
Eric Motley, The Aspen Institute
Lucian Perkins, Independent Photographer & Filmmaker
Libby Rasmussen, Freelance Social Media Director & Event Planner
Dana Rooney, Transformer Board Member
Robin Rose, Visual Artist
Riley Ross, Mincey Fitzpatrick Ross, LLC
Lauren Silva-Pinto, Journalist
Luis Fernando Silva-Pinto, Journalist
Renée Stout, Visual Artist & Photographer
Sarah Tanguy, Independent Curator & Arts Writer
Mary Timony, Ex Hex 
Beth Wehrle, Beth Wehrle Landscape Architects
Sylvia Davis White, Art Collector
Pixie Windsor, Miss Pixies D.C. Vintage Home Furnishings
Julie Wolfe, Visual & Conceptual Artist



Additional thanks to our Transformer’s Collector's View 2020 Reimagined Online Board Committee:  Lisa Brown (Chair), Kate Damon, Carole Feld, and Allison Marvin.

Further thanks to the artists in Transformer’s FlatFile program, whose artworks are featured at the start of each video ‘View’.

Transformer's Collector's View 2020 Reimagined Online

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